It is an up and down theme on My Lost Treasure, and today is day two of our special Creedence Clearwater Revival up and down weekend.  Yesterday we went with an up song and today it is a down song.

My boyfriend Bobby has been in playing in bands since I met him thirty years ago. And many of those bands had today's lost treasure on their song list.  Whenever they played it, the dance floor would fill up.  If nobody was dancing, this is the song that got people up. Even though it's a "down" song.  It has always been one of my favorites from Creedence, and it is hard not to tap your feet and sing to it.  It's the perfect Sunday morning song.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Boris and I will be on the air bright and early tomorrow morning at six.  This week we will be giving away tickets for Hudson Valley Wing Wars 2017 at Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh.  Talk to you tomorrow.