We are working on a an alphabet/letter theme here on My Lost Treasure. We did a week of songs that begin with the letter A, then a week of Bs, and so on and so on. Kind of like the Letter Game that we play every day on The Boris and Robyn Show. Today it's a great S song from Creedence Clearwater Revival. It's one of my favorite CCR songs.

I remember reading once that Creedence Clearwater Revival never had a number one hit in the United States. It seems crazy because there was always a Creedence song playing on the radio when I was growing up. At least that is how I remember it. So, I googled it the other day, and sure enough, they never hit number one in the states. They had plenty of number two hits, but not number one. In other countries, yes, but not here. And they are such an American band. Well, they certainly deserved to have a number one hit.

Got a song that starts with the letter S that you would like to hear? Or maybe a T song? Any song for that matter. Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com or find me on facebook. Thanks!

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