As we experience warmer temperatures in the Hudson Valley, and we hear Spring knocking on the door, I've noticed that my archnemesis, the groundhog has returned.

I always get excited about spring, especially since we live in such an amazing area that offers many places to explore the beauty of the Hudson Valley. I always like to plant vegetables, see if can actually produce food, and pretend I'm a low-budget farmer.

If you've followed me over the years, you know that I have attempted to have a wonderful little garden, but it usually results in me getting excited that the seeds I planted are starting to grow and flourish, and then the dumbass groundhog that haunts my yard ruins any plans I had of growing my own food. The other day I noticed that the groundhog had emerged from its winter slumber and was enjoying digging out the holes that had been covered up over the past few months.

While seeing the groundhog gives me PTSD, triggering memories of my failed gardens, it also makes me feel good because it means winter is over with and we can start to enjoy the outdoors again and drop our winter weight gain. I'm in desperate need of some exploring the many hiking trails we have to take advantage of.

While I do have plans to attempt a garden again this year, I am going to make damn sure that the groundhog will have no chance of getting into my plants. The groundhog is the worst by far, and a close second is the chipmunks. Forget Alvin, these chipmunks are the worst. But that's another story for another day.

Do you have any tips for keeping groundhogs out of your yard and garden? Leave your comments below.

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