What I Did on My Summer Vacation. I had to write about that very subject at least ten times through my school years. This year I actually did something a little different. Something worth writing about.

This year on my summer vacation, I went to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to visit a legal recreational pot dispensary. And I must say, it was a pretty good experience. We started the morning by meeting up with another couple. We had a delicious breakfast and headed an hour away to Great Barrington.

We got to Theory Wellness, the dispensary, around lunchtime. There was a line and it seemed to be moving slowly, so we went to the Berkshire Mountain Bakery for elephant ears and chocolate bread. Then we came back to Theory Wellness where the line was even longer. None of us really needed anything, so we took a couple of pictures to prove we were there and went for a ride. At around 3 pm, we decided to circle back to Theory one more time, and we found a pretty short line. So we parked and decided to do it.

The line was full of cool people of all ages. There was music playing, water and treats for dogs, and menus to look at. Yes, menus. Just like at the diner. And the menus also explained the product and the effect you will get. It was awesome. We waited less than a half an hour (I hear on weekends the wait can be a couple of hours or more), then had to present identification, and in we went. And you better have up to date identification because we saw them turn away a woman with an expired license.

The dispensary was clean, quiet, modern, and staffed with knowledgeable and helpful employees. There was no marijuana on display as I had imagined there would be. By the time we got inside, I had my selection narrowed down to two kinds of bud, and one was sold out, so that decision was made for me. Just to be sure, I told the person who waited on me exactly how I wanted to feel, and she agreed with my choice.

I only bought a little, but now I wish I’d bought more. And my friends bought a lot and they also wish they’d bought more. I guess another visit is definitely in order in the near future. Which answers the question “Would I go again?” Yup. Maybe this week.

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