Whether fronting Fleetwood Mac or basking in her successful solo career, Stevie Nicks has been one of the most photographed people in rock. In the below gallery, we've collected photographs of the singer from every year between 1973 and the present day.

Nicks first entered the public eye in 1973 thanks to an album she made with her boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. But she wouldn't become a star until after the pair joined Fleetwood Mac on New Year's Eve 1974. The first album the Americans made with the veteran British band, Fleetwood Mac, and its 1977 follow-up, Rumours, helped establish Nicks' "bohemian chic" style and bewitching onstage persona, which she admitted was necessitated by genetics.

"The reason I wear the ponchos and the big shawl-y chiffon things," she told Rolling Stone, "is because I realized from a very young age, if you were 5 foot 1, and you wanted to make big moves and be seen from a long way away, if you weren’t twirling a baton of fire, you needed something that was gonna make you show up. Like a Las Vegas showgirl, really. You need big moves. If you’re gonna dance, you gotta really dance."

"She always wears little-beaded jackets or a bolero-shaped jacket for the summer," her longtime stylist Margi Kent said in 2009. "Mostly, she wears blondy, beigy, creamy and mahogany colors. ... Black is a main thing, but we pop it with other things."

You can see more than 40 years worth of that style below, in photos ranging from album covers to concert stages to press photos. You'll see her with touring partners Rod Stewart and Chrissie Hynde, her longtime friend Tom Petty, Taylor Swift and even her mother, who was her guest at the 1978 Grammy Awards.