It's been a long spring and summer, but it looks like things are beginning to look up, at least here in New York. There are some cool and safe events being announced for the near future, and if you're into cool cars I've got an event to tell you about.

The Mustang Club of Orange County is presenting a free car show on Sunday, Sept. 20 from 11AM - 4PM at Museum Village Route 17M in Monroe. Museum Buildings and Exhibits will be open. Museum Village staff are committed to keeping visitors healthy and safe by keeping public areas clean. In order to facilitate proper social distancing face coverings must be worn inside the buildings and a 6-foot social distancing is required. Visitors will be asked to avoid touching common surfaces.

For more information about the free car show Sept. 20 at Museum Village, check out the event facebook page or visit the Mustang Club of Orange County's website.


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