Saturday evening's round of severe weather caused widespread damage and power outages across the area.

This was certainly not normal February weather for New York state. Some areas saw wind gusts as high as 70 m.p.h. as the storms rolled through. Parts of Sullivan County were even under a tornado warning late Saturday afternoon.

Record warm temperatures fueled the wild weather. Now, are we set to see another round of storms by the middle of the week?

After a cold and windy Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will see more mild temperatures returning to the Hudson Valley. Highs should be in the low to mid 50s.

Wednesday, however, is when things could get interesting. Another strong cold front will move in from the west, brining warm and humid air up from the Gulf of Mexico ahead of it. This warm weather clashing with the cooler, drier air moving in could trigger more strong thunderstorms with heavy rain and flash flooding.

This sort of weather pattern in the Northeast is more reminiscent to late spring, rather than early March.

Well, it beats having to shovel out from a foot of snow!