This isn't something you expect to see.

Residents in neighboring Massachusetts were in for a shock when a large moose was seen running through several residential areas Wednesday morning.

The moose, believed to be a female around the age of two, was spotted in Watertown and Belmont, Massachusetts. It is pretty unusual to see a moose even in the wild, let alone in densely populated areas in suburban Boston.

Police shared videos of the animal on social media. Police spent hours searching for the moose before calling it off Wednesday afternoon.

Marion Larson, chief of information and education for the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, said the moose likely wandered into the area at night. He also warned residents to leave the animal alone and let it find it's own way out.

The eastern moose had been nearly extinct for almost 150 years due to overhunting in the colonial days. There populations have bounced back since the 1980s, due to hunting restrictions and conservation efforts. The largest populations can be found in northern Maine, though growing populations have been found in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and even towards the Catskill Mountains.