A monkey who was bored out of his mind found a way to entertain himself as well as those attending the Ulster County Fair this week.

The video, which was posted to YouTube this week, shows a capuchin monkey featured at this year's fair. Capuchin monkeys are referred to as "organ grinder" monkeys, and are regularly used in TV shows and movies.

This particular monkey may have a future as a pro baseball player. Just check out his fastball.

Fair goers can be heard commenting on the monkey's skillful ball handling. One person says he doesn't blame the monkey for practicing his pitching skills because "I'd be bored too if I was in that cage all day."

Another comment has spectators wondering what would happen if the ball was someone's head. Capuchin monkeys aren't known to be deadly, but I'm pretty certain that the monkey from "Friends" must have fantasized about tossing David Schwimmer's head across the stage at least once or twice.