Growing up a military brat, I have been to a few military surplus stores in my time. How can you tell a good one? The quickest way is to see the massive amounts of products, and the variety of products. That is how you know.

What are a few of the things that I look for when I go into a military surplus store? I am always looking for small knives, dungaree pants, and jackets. Your search might be different, maybe you need boots and other gear. Where are the military surplus stores, are they hiding in plain sight in the Hudson Valley NY? 

Where are the military surplus stores in the Hudson Valley, NY? 

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There are a few military surplus stores in the Hudson Valley area (and slightly beyond):

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What can you normally find at an Army Navy Surplus Store?

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The answer to that question is vast! There are many things, including former military clothing from US Military branches and from other countries. You can usually also find all different types of boots, military shoes, and supplies that could potentially be used by officers or emergency management team members.

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Here are a few stores that are more than an hour outside of the Hudson Valley area, but because these stores are becoming rarer and rarer, this one might be worth the trip:

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