The bad news continues to pile on the New York Mets.

After losing 9-5 to the Yankees Wednesday night, the Mets were dealt another blow when Yoenis Cespedes was placed on the disabled list with a quad injury.  

Cespedes had missed four games after injuring himself on July 8. The Mets had held off putting him on the DL being that they've had a number of injury issues. He returned July 17, but then missed another three games after reinjuring himself.

Wednesday's re-injury could prove disastrous for the Mets' playoff hopes.

What's further fueled the problem is a pic posted to Twitter of Cespedes out golfing Wednesday morning, when many feel he should have been resting before the game. Team officials say they don't have a problem, however, since golf doesn't involve any running.

After Wednesday's loss at Yankee Stadium, the Mets fall to eight and half games out of first in the NL East. They're also 8-11 since the All-Star break.

Cespedes is batting .292 with 22 HRs and 59 RBIs in 2016.

Hopefully the injury won't ruin a season full of high expectations for Mets fans after last year's World Series appearance.