Where we live in Upstate New York, it’s easy to forget that there are bad people out there with bad intentions. Have you ever wondered how bad it could be? Are your neighbors cooking Meth?

You've heard of online databases where you can search to see if there are any sex offenders living in your neighborhood. What about an online database that shows drugs? You've seen meth labs on TV, and heard about them in the news. Are Meth Labs in your neighborhood?

First- What Is A Meth Lab?


According to the National Drug Intelligence Center, a meth lab “is an illicit operation that has the apparatus and chemicals needed to produce the powerful stimulant methamphetamine.” They also add that you can spot a potential meth lab with these signs:

  • Unusual odors

  • Excessive trash and red-stained cloths

  • Foil over windows

  • Visitors at weird times

  • You never see your neighbors

Thanks to the people over at the American Addiction Centers, you can now do a search to find out not only where the closest meth lab is to you, but also how many meth labs are in the state of New York.

All you need to do is go to the map search here, plug in your address, and hit enter. We did this for our offices here in Marcy and here's what came up:

Photo courtesy of American Addiction Centers, National Rehabs Directory
Photo courtesy of American Addiction Centers, National Rehabs Directory

Again, go online here and plug your address in.

Where Do You Find The Most Meth Labs In The United States?

According to research, Missouri had 27.6 meth labs per 100,000 residents, and several Bible Belt states had a huge number of labs per capita. Those states include Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi. Fans of “Breaking Bad” may be surprised to see relatively few lab operations in New Mexico.

Northeastern states tended to have fewer meth labs per capita: New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maryland ranked among the bottom five states on this measure. Connecticut had the fewest overall, an interesting finding given the high rates in states further down the Eastern Seaboard, such as both Carolinas.

So it looks like New York doesn't have as many Meth neighbors as you think.

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