Now that the state of New York has legalized the use of marijuana, residents that choose to take part are legally allowed to possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis for recreational use. All good right? Not so fast. The The National Institute of Drug Abuse is saying some "potheads" are more likely to suffer from a breakthrough case of COVID.

The new study shows that those suffering from an uncontrolled dependence on marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, opioids and tobacco are more likely to suffer a a case of COVID-19, even if fully vaccinated. So, is it time to quit smoking weed? Even though it's now legal in New York?

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This new study shows that 3.6 percent of vaccinated suffered with a case of COVID while 7 percent of those vaccinated and having 'Substance Use Disorder' suffered with a breakthrough infection. So, the drug use increases your chance to getting COVID, even if you are vaccinated. Marijuana users are at the greatest risk for breakthrough cases among the SUD community, at 7.8 percent.

First and foremost, vaccination is highly effective for people with substance use disorders, and the overall risk of COVID-19 among vaccinated people with substance use disorders is very low. We must continue to encourage and facilitate COVID-19 vaccination among people with substance use disorders, while also acknowledging that even after vaccination, this group is at an increased risk and should continue to take protective measures against COVID-19. - NIDA Director Nora D. Volkow, M.D

The data for this study is based on research and analysis of electronic health records from nearly 580,000 people in the United States. Some with substance use disorders and others without. All were fully vaccinated against COVID-19 between December 1, 2020, and August 14, 2021.

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