This New Paltz native is always seen just one step away from the President of the United States. Who is he?

For 16 years Keith Schiller has been by Donald Trump's side, serving as his personal bodyguard. The former NYPD detective moved away from New Paltz after high school and joined the Navy. According to CBS News, Schiller spent eight years working with the New York division of youth and family services before eventually joining law enforcement.

Schiller has been with Trump through much of his public life, even running interference for the future president during his famous smackdown with Vince McMahon during Wrestlemania in 2007. You can see a clip of that confrontation as well as some of Schiller's other high-profile moments from the campaign in this recent segment from Inside Edition.

What started as a part time job that allowed Schiller to escort Trump to fancy events and celebrity parties eventually turned into a full-time career. Now, even though President Trump is under the protection of the Secret Service, Schiller is still often seen standing closely to the commander-in-chief keeping a watchful eye.

Donald Trump Gives Speech On Presidential Election In New York
Drew Angerer /Getty Images

The New Paltz man was recently named Trump's Director of Oval Office Operations, which keeps him close to the President and allows Trump to continue to rely on Schiller for added protection. Just this week, in an unprecedented move, Trump sent Schiller with Jared Kushner as extra security during his trip to Iraq.