You ever wanted to combine McDonald's with your favorite breakfast item in an easy-to-eat stock form, well then you're in luck! Or maybe we're ready to get even fatter and more unhealthy? Either way, the fast food chain announced Monday that the rumored McCafe "donut sticks" are coming to McDonald's restaurants across the country February 20.

And yes, that means here in the Hudson Valley. Linda VanGosen, McDonald’s Vice President of Menu Innovation (yeah, this is a real title) said in a press release: 

We are proud of our breakfast offerings, and excited to share new Donut Sticks with our customers. Donut Sticks are the perfect complement to our existing breakfast lineup, and pair deliciously with our fresh brewed premium roast McCafé coffee.

Could this be a shot at rival fast food giant Dunkin Donuts and their "donut fries"?

The NY Post says that the limited edition item will be available at McDonald's both in 6 and 12 pack sizes. Maybe it's time for another taste test?