Over recent months a number of various recalls have been issued to the public regarding a wealth of different potential issues with an equally astounding amount of products. Most of these recalls have either been food or vehicle related.

That brings us to today where another recall has been issued nationwide and its recall from one of the most famous companies on the planet. That company would be Tesla and the recall is for their much talked about Cyber Truck.

Cyber Trucks Bumpy Road

In recent years the Tesla Cyber Truck was subject to great and highly talked about anticipation, while garnering its own fair amount of criticism. Most of the criticism coming from the physical shape and look of the vehicle, numerous delays pushing the release of the truck by not months but years and then a notorious fail where the 'unbreakable' window broke at demo event.

Even with all of that though, anxious customers were able to begin picking up their Cyber Trucks during the Fall of 2023. Once these vehicles were on the streets, they quickly began drawing the eyes and attention of many seeing it in person for the first time.

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It's because of the numerous delays, internet criticism, customer anticipation and overall hype that this recall feels like a real kick in the gut. This recall also comes on the heels of another Tesla recall from February.

Cyber Truck Recall Details

According to Tesla's own press release, Tesla made this recall voluntarily for the 2024 Cyber Trucks. The reason being..."to replace or rework the accelerator pedal assembly to ensure sufficient retention force between the pad and accelerator pedal to prevent the pad from dislodging. The recall applies to all the 2024 Cyber Trucks, nearly 3,900 total according to Fox Business.

Now this is a considerable safety issue for sure. What this means is that for affected vehicles, when to much pressure is applied to the pedal, the pad can dislodge and the pedal itself can get stuck or trapped in the vehicles interior trim. This obviously could potentially cause severe safety issues, most notably risk of collision(s).

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In the release, Tesla also provided a "how to" or "what to do" for drivers who do experience this issue. The directions are pretty simple and straight; hit the brake. To use Tesla's own words "...application of the brake pedal will cut drive torque, including when both brake and accelerator pedals are pressed". Furthermore, continued or prolonged use of the brake will bring the vehicle to stop as if the accelerator pedal was not even in use.

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How to Fix the Cyber Trucks?

Recalls for vehicles are nothing new and the remedy seems to be the same as it is with most vehicles; you got to make call or this case, use an app. According to the press release, through using the Tesla app, owners may schedule a service appointment to have their Cyber Truck fixed.


The repair work for the recall will also not cost owners a single penny. The goal will obviously be simple...

Tesla will replace or rework the accelerator pedal assembly such that the assembly meets specifications and ensures sufficient retention force between the pad and accelerator pedal to prevent the pad from dislodging.

Youtube: Tesla
Youtube: Tesla

Here's the other good news regarding the repairs, they don't seem like they will take long once your Cyber Truck is in for the repair work. Estimates for reworking the accelerator pedal assembly should be less than 15 minutes and a complete replacement would require approximately 40 minutes to accomplish.

Recalls of this nature are inconvenient for everyone both companies and vehicle owners alike, however safety trumps all and luckily this issue was discovered now and can be fixed. Which means potentially worse consequences seem to have been avoided.

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