Doug Gray is the lead singer for the Marshall Tucker Band, and apparently he has a warped sense of humor.

The Marshall Tucker Band will be playing at the Dutchess County Fair on Thursday night, so we had a chance ask Gray about a strange conversation he had with rock and roll radio legend, Robyn Taylor decades ago.

Doug was touring with the Marshall Tucker Band and wound up playing right here in the Hudson Valley. That's when he met Robyn backstage and told her all about his infected toe. It's something Robyn has always remembered.

Turns out, the tale of Gray's toe was an elaborate setup to a punchline he would deliver decades later...

The Marshall Tucker Band will be playing all of their hits on the grandstand at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck on Thursday, August 24. Admission to the show is free with your fair ticket.

Doug promised us he'd keep his boots on during the show.