A group of workers will be protesting the outsourcing of jobs at a local institution this Friday afternoon.

According to the president of the Culinary Craft Association, Raymond Minew, the demonstration will be held in protest of the Culinary Institute of America's decision to replace 17 union workers with an outside company.

Minew represents 45 men and woman of the facilities department which include Building maintenance, Plumbers, Electricians , HVAC, Carpenters, Painters, Groundskeepers, Recycling, and Campus specialists. The CCA leader says the school informed workers that they would be replaced as of Friday. Most of the employees, according to Minew, have been with the Culinary Institute of America for over 20 years.

A. Boris
A. Boris

The demonstration is scheduled for Friday at 3:45 on Route 9 in front of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

The CIA isn't the first local school to anger union laborers. During the construction of townhouses and a library at Marist College in the 1990s, union workers were seen protesting in front of the school on a daily basis. They even yelled and taunted students during their graduation ceremony of 1994.