A Sullivan County man will set forth on the biggest trek of his life.

Bill Lewis says he will walk 278 miles from Wurtsboro to the nation's capitol in time for the Jan. 20 Inauguration. Why would anyone want to walk on foot through the snow and freezing cold? Well, according to the 59-year-old Lewis, he wants to delver a message to the president-elect.

Lewis wants the common folk to be heard.

The Times Herald Record says Lewis set out on his journey Saturday with only the clothes he's wearing, a walking stick, a few extra socks, a tent that he'll carry in a military-style pack, and "two strong legs."

Hopefully he packs a few extra lunches as well.

You may be wondering why he doesn't just save himself the trouble and drive or fly to Washington instead? Lewis says he doesn't have the money.

He told the Record that he does intend to give hand written message to Donald Trump however.

If he's going to help all these folks, he's got to start now, the minute he gets in. We need to see some kind of steps forward to give us that glimmer of hope. We're just the little guy, but we are the spokes in this wheel of America. You pull one spoke out and that sucker's gonna wobble.

Lewis apparently didn't support Trump or Hillary Clinton during the election, but says he'll give Trump a chance to prove himself.

Lewis says he'll walk about 25 miles day so he'll hopefully arrive in D.C. by Jan. 19. He'd also hoping some kind strangers will put him up for the night along his way.

This is certainly an inspirational story regardless if you support Trump or not. Hopefully, Mr. Lewis will stay in good health and not run into any blizzards or sub-zero temperatures on the way.

Best of luck on your trip!