If you've always dreamed of driving a Zamboni, here's your chance.

Anyone who's ever been to a hockey game or skating rink has at least thought about how awesome it would be to take the wheel of the coolest vehicle in the world. That's right, we're talking about the Zamboni.

No one's ever figured out exactly why this ice cleaning machine is so hypnotic, but once that Zamboni hits the rink all eyes are glued to the truck as it glides back and forth, transforming that scuffed up ice to a glossy, mirror-like finish.

Imagine being the rock star that gets to drive one of these things. Well, for one lucky Hudson Valley resident, the fantasy may finally become a reality.

The Mid Hudson Civic Center has posted a job opening for a Zamboni driver. The official job title is "Maintenance/Zamboni Driver" so we assume the job will also include some other not-so-fun responsibilities while you wait around for the ice to get scuffed up. But still, those five minutes in the spotlight are totally worth it, right?

The listing doesn't indicate that any Zamboni driving experience is necessary. Because, honestly, how many people out there have ever driven a Zamboni before?

If you know someone who's perfect for the job, make sure to tag them on our Facebook page before the position is filled up. Who knows when another rare opportunity like this will come along again.