In celebration of April 20th (4/20), New York's first regulated cannabis delivery service, Legacy Dispensers, started making deliveries in the Northern Hudson Valley.

Essential Flowers, Legacy Dispensers

Legacy Dispensers is New York's first premier licensed cannabis delivery dispensary. Legacy Dispensers strives to provide its customers with the best possible experience in a clean and safe environment. They are committed to continually improving their services to ensure that people receive the highest level of satisfaction. Legacy Dispensary boasts itself as being "a no judgment dispensary.

Founded in 2022, Legacy Dispensary is an Albany-licensed cannabis dispensary, delivery service, and on-site consumption service. The retailer is one of the first licensed to sell cannabis in New York, and tries to provide originality and the finest products available.

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With the legalization of recreational cannabis in New York, founder Matt Robinson was selected to be one of the first licensed dispensaries in the state from the New York State Office of Cannabis Management. His vision is to create a dispensary that is a welcoming and supportive environment where clients can be educated on cannabis, with a goal of becoming a trusted and well-respected member of the cannabis community.

Matt Robinson, Founder of Legacy Dispensers

A native of Albany, New York, Matt Robinson has been a lifelong advocate for the legalization of cannabis and has preached the benefits of recreational use. Back in high school, Robinson used to sell marijuana and would hide in his car, breaking up pounds into dime bags. Now, 25 years later, Robinson gets to sell in the open and wants to help uplift the community by helping people who were disadvantaged by over-policying associated with the War on Drugs. He is excited to promote education and responsible cannabis use.

Robinson told Times Union, 

“As a Black man who had been arrested for cannabis possession after being targeted by police for two unlawful searches in Guilderland and Albany’s South End, I understand the historical importance of our service and am proud to provide it to my neighbors and friends in the Albany area."

New York State allows any retail location to deliver cannabis if the order is from a customer 21 and older who can verify their age. The transaction also has to be prepaid through a banking routing number. As one of the first 36 conditional adult-use retail licensees, Robinson has plans to open a retail location soon, but felt it was easier to start the delivery business first.

How the Cannabis Delivery System Works

Deliveries can be made to residents in Albany County and other nearby jurisdictions. Prices vary depending on the distance drivers must travel. The service is simple, but there’s an added emphasis on security and employee safety. Delivery drivers and suppliers must check in through a window to have their identity verified before bringing their vehicles into the supply area. To start, there will always be two employees in each of the unmarked delivery cars.

During the delivery process, the product will be sealed within a secure lockbox in the trunk. When the drivers arrive, only one employee will exit the vehicle. Unlike food deliveries such as DoorDash, UberEats,or GrubHub, the delivery must be made in person. It cannot be left on the doorstep. Customers must have their ID's scanned and sign for the package.

The delivery service will operate from 8am to 11pm Monday through Sunday. Orders can be made online through the website or email, or orders can be called in. Due to federal guidelines against cannabis, electronic bank-to-bank payments which require routing and bank numbers are required to order.

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