The weather is finally chilling down and we can start baking things in the oven again without having to worry about the house getting too hot. As a matter of fact turning on the oven and cooking something will not only add warmth to your house but depending on what your making the house might end up smelling pretty good too.

One of my favorite things to cook this time of year in the oven is baked potatoes. The problem for me is we are a family of two and it seems silly to only cook just two potatoes, so I end up cooking extra. I usually stick in 4 or 5 to make it worth turning on the oven. Now I have 3 extra cooked potatoes I need to re-serve at some point.

Here are a few ideas for those extra baked potatoes.

Slice and Serve with Eggs as Home Fries

This is a great recipes that walks you through making homemade home fries out of your leftover bake potatoes.

Make Double Stuff Potatoes

The cool thing about double stuff potatoes is that you can add in anything you want. The potato skin becomes a boat full of delicious potato and everything you want to mix with it. This recipe is really yummy.

Bake Potato Casserole

Nothing is going to beat this casserole for best dish with a left over potato.

Potato Wedges Rock

Leftover baked potatoes make the best potato wedges.

Make a Cold Potato Salad

This recipe will give you an idea of how you could serve those leftover potatoes cold.

The cool thing about a potato is it goes with just about everything. Enjoy!

Hey You Might Need a Beer With Those Potatoes

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