That's a wrap for Carl's Jr. in the Hudson Valley.

After sudden closures of the burger chain's Kingston and Middletown stores, the last remaining Carl's Jr. has officially closed their doors.

In April the Carl's Jr. in Kingston closed their doors to customers and then a month later the location on Route 211 also shut their doors. Now another restaurant sits vacant, leaving no more options in the Hudson Valley for Thickburger fans.

A. Boris

There's been speculation that the Carl's Jr. on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie would be closing, but no one was knew it would happen this week. A note on the door says that the restaurant as closed and thanks customers for their patronage. The troubled restaurant recently stopped serving breakfast and reduced their menu items, signaling that the end was probably near.

It's been a tough road for Carl's Jr. The restaurant chain started out as Hardee's, but underwent a rebranding last summer. In an effort to boost sales, the restaurants were transformed into Carl's Jr. with a slightly different menu and a bigger focus on breakfast foods. Apparently, the move didn't work and now all three locations are empty.

A. Boris

Will you miss Carl's Jr.? What other fast food restaurant would you like to see take over their three locations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.