Over the last two years you or many of your friends and family have either had COVID or someone close to them has had COVID. Have you been vaccinated? Are you thinking about going to get a booster?

If you are thinking about getting a booster, there are many places like Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, that have vaccines available by appointment, but there is one place that has quietly been making vaccines available to many people and it is hiding in plain sight in Ulster County, NY.

Where is there a vaccination site hiding in plain sight in Ulster County NY?

COVID-19 Omicron Booster Shots Administered Along With Other Vaccines At Chicago Senior Center
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The site that might be familiar for a few thousand people who initially received their vaccinations, is still giving them. This time people are returning for their boosters, including the new 'bivalent booster.' AKA, the omicron variant booster. 

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Who can get the boosters at this site, and do you need an appointment?

Jeffrey Hamilton
Jeffrey Hamilton

Covid vaccines can be given to persons 6-months of age and older. Booster shots are available to persons who have received their initial vaccine at least two-months prior.

Where is this COVID Vaccine site in Ulster County NY and how do you get an appointment?

Omicron Variant Threatens Brazil
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Believe it or not, the place that has the vaccines, has been the place that has had them for the last two-years, it is still open. It is the former Best Buy (near the Target) at the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston. To get an appointment you can click here. The only day that they are giving vaccinations is on Fridays.  Can you just walk-in? Yes, you can but you are not guaranteed to get a vaccine, based on availability.

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