What some are saying may have been a case of just boredom has landed three New York state correctional officers in a whole lot of hot water. Now, these jail guards could be soon out of a job, over what officials say was an impromptu haircut given to an inmate. Maybe the term 'edge up' applies better in this case. What exactly happened? Why are these officers being charged?

WNYT says that three corrections officers at the Fulton County Jail were arrested Monday and charged with unlawful imprisonment and harassment after they allegedly held an inmate named Sleezer to the ground and shaved half his left eyebrow off. County Sheriff Richard Giardino says Sleezer complained about the incident November 25. Giardino says an investigation is moving forward and that he'll be pushing to have the three men fired.

Maybe 10 years ago on a college campus with a voluntary pledge, but not today and not in a correctional facility where the correction officers take an oath to uphold the law,

The inmate's family said that he had been put in isolation recently, and that he told his fiance that he wanted to sue beforehand. The family says the officers were playing a joke, though Sleezer's mother wasn't having any of it. There is no indication that the officers shaved any other parts of his body, nor did they shave any embarrassing shapes or words to the back of his head.

In other news, a man who officials call a career pickpocket has allegedly struck again. But he doesn't seem to stay behind bars for long. The Post says the 65-year-old man, who is known for wearing a long dark fur coat and "stylish" hat, allegedly tried to rob a 71-year-old tourist near the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree Friday. However, the Post says he was soon out of jail without bail the very next day. Records say he's been in state prison before but was most recently paroled in late 2019. One officer says he's personally been arresting this same guy for over 20 years.

You'd think they could lock this guy up for a while?

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