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Flying from New York State? Be prepared for some travel nightmares.

A spokesperson for Digital Third Coast reached out to Hudson Valley Post reached out to Hudson Valley Post to let us know about a "new report is highlighting which airports Americans might want to avoid."

Officials analyzed the latest data from the U.S. Department of Transportation to uncover the busiest U.S. airports as well as the ones with the most delays and cancellations.

Gales and Heavy Rain Threaten The Festive Getaway
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The report shows travelers from New York area airports deal with many headaches.

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3 New York Area Airports Have More Canceled Flights Than Most

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Dallas Love Field Airport was the airport with the most canceled flights, with 2.61 percent.

Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport placed second with 2.59 percent of all flights canceled.

John F. Kennedy International Airport Is One Of America's Busiest

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The report also found that John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of America's busiest airports.

Nearly 27 million people travel at JFK airport. John F. Kennedy International Airport placed 6th.

The United States busiest airport is Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport with 45.3 million passengers in 2022.

Newark Airport Has More Delays Than Most

Gales and Heavy Rain Threaten The Festive Getaway
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When it comes to airports with the most delays Newark Liberty International ranked 9th.

About 25.62 percent of all flights from Newark Airport are delayed, according to the report.

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With 31.85 percent of delayed flights Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport was the worst when it comes to flight delays.

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