Do you know Jazzy's original owners? The senior dog received some unfortunate medical news and his current family is looking for his first family.

Saugerties, NY Family Takes in Surrendered Senior Dog

Amanda Starr took to social media earlier this week to find the original owner of a pup that came into her life last summer.

On Facebook, Starr explained that Jazzy was "left at the Saugerties Animal Hospital in July of 2023." She adds that the owner left Jazzy with a "beautiful note explaining they couldn't afford proper care" for the dog and continues "so being the sucker I am, I took him home to foster."

Amanda Starr, Facebook
Amanda Starr, Facebook

Jazzy and Starr's 2-year-old daughter became quick friends, went to work with Amanda every day, and became an "emotional support dog for the staff." Starr is the lead licensed veterinary technician at Saugerties Animal Hospital and has been working there for the last 12 years.

It's safe to say that Jazzy became part of the Starr and Saugerties Animal Hospital family. With that being said, Jazzy unfortunately has been diagnosed with serious health issues including a tumor in his prostate, bladder, and adrenal gland.

Sadly, Jazzy doesn't have much time left.

Do You Know Jazzy's Original Owners?

After the grim diagnosis, Amanda shared that she was hoping to find Jazzy's original owners in time for them to say goodbye. We reached out to Starr who wanted to stress that there is no judgment adding "I don’t want the person to feel guilty or ashamed for abandoning him. I bet what they did was devastating to them and was so hard to do."

Amanda Starr, Facebook
Amanda Starr, Facebook

Jazzy is currently under the care of  Dr. Lang, Dr. Cawein, Dr. Matthias, and retired doctor Dr. Rothstein.

Amanda tells us that right now Jazzy is doing well adding that "he’s not in pain, he’s happy and acting like his prancing jazzy self, but I’ll do what’s right by him and when he shows me it’s time I will make the decision."

As a vet tech, Starr understands that caring for a dog can be expensive and overwhelming her best advice?

Pet insurance is very important to have now. Veterinary costs are so high because of the advancements in extending a pets life. Get it young, it’s worth it!

If you happen to know who owned Jazzy before Amanda Starr stepped in please message her on Facebook and everything will be taken care of privately.

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