For anyone out there who has had dreams or aspirations to become a member of the New York State Police, today is a good day for you. The New York State Police have just recently announced the beginning of their newest recruitment campaign to bring in prospective new members.

As one can imagine, for those wishing to become a member of the NYSP, the process isn't as simple as just signing a paper but for those who do complete the process, you can look forward to a number of incredible benefits that will become available to you.

New York State Police
New York State Police

New York State Police Exam Applications

For those who were unaware, the New York State Police announced the official opening for individuals to submit their applications to take the NYSP Entrance Examination.

Applicants were allowed to begin submitting their applications as of March 25, 2024, and applications can be submitted until June 3, 2024.

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Applicants will have some time to prepare for the examination as well, as the final opportunity for an applicant to take their Entrance Exam in this campaign will be on June 10, 2024.

All information regarding the test can be found on the Become a Trooper home page.

New York State Police Testing

The New York State Police have a list of what are called "minimum qualifications" in order to take the exam. First and foremost, applicants must be U.S. Citizens and have at least earned a high school diploma or equivalent degree.

In addition, applicants must be at least 20 years old and not older than 35. The maximum age may be extended for military members for every one year of full-time active duty up to seven years. So if you served 1 year of full-time active duty, the maximum age is pushed to 36 and so on and so forth.


NYSP applicants should best be prepared for the entire examination process. To become a member of the NYSP, you must first pass the Entrance Exam which is a test made up of 150 multiple choice questions. The second part of the exam is a Physical Ability Test or PAT for short.


Applicants will also need to undergo a psychological evaluation, have a background check completed and submit to a polygraph test. Each stage of testing measures the ability of an applicant to be able to complete the job as a New York State Trooper, or inversely their inability to complete the job.

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One change that has come with the NYSP Entrance Exam is that the test has switched from paper-pencil test to computer-based testing.

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Even with that though, applicants will have to travel to one of the 60 authorized testing locations in New York State (390 across America), in order to take their exam for NYSP. Military Personnel wishing to take the exam have 101 designated military sites globally options worldwide to take their test.

Benefits of the New York State Police

According to the official press release from the New York State Police, applicants who pass all parts of the examination can look forward to some pretty remarkable benefits.

For those who pass the examination and become Academy Appointees, salaries start off a $59,612 per year. Upon completing one year of service, the minimum compensation rises to $98,300.

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This next might sound like stating the obvious but members of the New York State Police also will receive full health benefits and a retirement plan. New York State Police also offers a variety of ways to advance in one's career path.

One option would be through the various units that exist within the NYSP which includes Aviation, Canine, Underwater Recovery Team, Special Operations Response Team, and Bureau of Criminal Investigation among others.

All other information regarding the application process, the Entrance Exam, and benefits. etc, can all be found in the official press release and by following the links above.

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