Like all of you, I am looking forward to warmer weather and the arrival of Spring. This past week with the Spring-like temperatures we got a little taste of what we have coming weather-wise just a few short weeks from now.

I am also looking forward to things looking a bit brighter. This winter was really gray and muddy. I want to go on record as saying that this Winter wasn't as pretty as some have been in the past. It was gray and soggy if you ask me so bring on Spring and all its colors.

Spring Blooms in the Hudson Valley May Be Affected By the Winter Rain

In a few weeks, the sun will feel warmer and hopefully, things will dry out. The Hudson Valley has had a lot of rain. It feels like last summer it rained every week and then the rain kept coming this winter.

Canva / Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar / Billy Joe's Ribworks, Frank Quido's Port of Call Via Facebook
Canva / Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar / Billy Joe's Ribworks, Frank Guido's Port of Call Via Facebook
loading... says that September 2023 in the Hudson Valley was wet even more so than July 2023 which was by some accounts a historic month for rain fall. How can we forget all the flooding in Orange County?

Route 218 in Cornwall still hasn't re-opened. December 2023 wasn't exactly dry either.

What is the Problem with a Rainy Winter

So is it a problem to get so much rain? After all, we could use the water especially if we didn't get any significant snowfall. The problem isn't just the rain it is also the temperature variations.

Over the past 6 months, we have had a good amount of rain and we have also had temperature swings. This affects our Hudson Valley Plants. It basically confuses them and causes them to react in a way that we might not expect.

Photo Credit: Cathy Buchak
Photo Credit: Cathy Buchak

Why the Lilac and Forsythia Aren't Blooming in the Hudson Valley

You may recall people reporting lilacs blooming in October. The problem there is if they bloomed last October they won't be able to bloom again in May. In the case of my lilacs, they weren't able to recover from all the rain so I got rotted leave in October and most likely I will have no blooms this May either.


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It is not just the lilacs. In December there were reports of Forsythia blooming in Newburgh. This will result in the same phenomenon. So enjoy the blooms we get because some of our Spring flowers aren't going to care about April Showers they got too water-logged last year.

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Flowers We Hope to See this Summer in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Summer Flowers

Summer is the perfect time to keep fresh flowers around your home or office. Luckily here in the Hudson Valley we have access to some pretty amazing summer flowers. You can grow your own, visit a favorite florist or stop by a local farm stand for an amazing selection to make your bouquet.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Remember The Flooding in Orange County in July 2023

Flood Cleanup Continues at West Point Military Academy

Heavy rains led to devastating floods across the Hudson Valley on July 9th, 2023. West Point Military Academy saw damages across the historic campus.

Old Ulster County Farm on Tow Path

Some houses that have been left to ruin can seem impossible to restore but the home at 345 Tow Path Road still seems to have great bones. It is also in a great location if you are looking for open space and some Hudosn Valley history. You must take a look at Turner's Farm.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn