There are a couple of ways to pronounce this junior high school name, but which way is the right way?

If you are a longtime resident of Dutchess County, this might sound like a ridiculous question but please keep in mind that some of us have lived in the area for over 30 years and still have no idea which way is the right way to say Van Wyck Junior High School located on Hillside Lake Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY.

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Google Maps

How Do You Pronounce Wappingers Junior High School Name?

It happens to me almost every time I come across a conversation when I have to reference the school and with both of my youngest kids in the Wappingers Central School District, it happens a lot...LOL! Is it "Van "WHY-CK or Van W-I-C-K"(like what's on a candle)?

Every time I say it, I feel like I'm saying it wrong. The conversations usually go something like., "Yeah I have to bring the kids to Van WHY-CK, or is it Wick, you know the junior High off of Route 376."

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Is it Just Me?

Am I the only one that has a problem saying the school's name? After doing some research on one of the two junior high schools in the Wappingers Central School district (the other being Wappingers Junior High) it appears that if you say "WHY-CK" you are saying it incorrectly. According to Wikipedia, the correct pronunciation is Van Wick! They say it is "an Americanized variant of the Dutch name Van Wijk."

Google MAps
Google MAps

The Wappingers School isn't the only place in New York that carries the name Van Wyck. If you have ever driven around New York City you already know that there's an expressway with the same name. The Van Wyck Expressway is oftentimes also mispronounced by many when it comes to giving directions...LOL! The correct way to say the expressway is the same as the Wappingers school above, "Van Wick"!

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