Now that Spring has arrived we can exhale and enjoy the warmer days that are on the way. With those warmer temperatures comes our desire to fix things up around our houses after the Winter. We are all anxious to get things looking good for the summer and outdoor season.

This enthusiasm we are feeling can really be the answer to us getting a head on the honey-do list around our property but it can also be the reason we fall for a scam. Spring is the perfect time of year for people to fall for some home improvement scams that come around each year during this time.

Ulster County Authorities Warn of DriveWay Scammers

Scammers take advantage of our eagerness to get things done. It could be a repair to your home such as a roof or even window replacement. It can also be an offer to fix your driveway or sidewalk. The Ulster County Sheriff's Office issued a reminder today through social media to keep our eye out for just such a scam.

Driveway Vehicle Entrance Home

The Driveway Repair scam is very popular this time of year. Both the Ulster County Sherriff's Office and the Ulster County District Attorney;'s Division of Consumer Affairs are warning property owners that these would be scammers will be out again this Spring. They are telling homeowners to be wary of anyone that comes door-to-door selling products such as seal coating for your driveway.

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They suggest the best way to prevent being scammed is to not do business with anyone you haven't previously contacted. Someone just showing up in your yard could be problematic. They also say to be sure to get written estimates from anyone working on your property before they start work and that you should double-check that the paperwork is legitimate.

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They suggest too that if someone does come to your house be sure to get a description of the car they were driving. Try to get the license plate number and any other markings you might remember from the vehicle. Most importantly think twice if someone just lands at your do want to do work. If you think you have been scammed or you want to report a  suspected scammer call Consumer Affairs at (845) 340-3260.

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