You don't want to miss this great housing opportunity in Orange County, NY.

It's so hard to find any kind of housing here in the Hudson Valley. Whether you're trying to purchase a home, find a rental home, rent an apartment or beyond it's hard to really find anything.

Sometimes if you keep looking and you look super hard you can find something that pops up unexpectedly and can be within your budget.

What great housing opportunity popped up in the Hudson Valley?

Does the Tall Oaks Apartment Complex in Middletown, New York sound familiar?

The apartments are located on Tall Oaks Drive and they have one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom options.

So far so good...

Related Management Company via
Related Management Company via

The apartments are decent-sized and can provide plenty of room for the right person.

What does the inside of an apartment look like at Tall Oaks Apartments?

They are cute and they look very clean.

Related Management Company via
Related Management Company via

So here's the good and bad news for the apartments.

The rent for them and the amount of space you get with it has to be one of the cheapest amounts I've seen in the Hudson Valley in years. The rent is going anywhere from $998-1,330 a month....yep you saw that right.

However, it does say next to the prices that there is an active waiting list.

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If you are looking to move in the future and to the Middletown area, it would be a good idea to try to get on that waiting list.

Here's to hoping everyone finds a place they like and want around here.

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