The popular comedian and actor will be coming to New York's Capital Region.

The first time I saw Dane Cook was in the movie 'Employee of the Month' with Jessica Simpson, but Dane Cook has become a well-known comedian and actor throughout Hollywood. He was also in movies like 'Good Luck Chuck', 'My Best Friend's Girl', 'Mr. Brooks' and more. For his comedic career, he was the second comedian to sell out Madison Square Garden and has been part of numerous comedy specials. Not to state the obvious, but he's also a complete and total hunk.

It was recently announced that Dane Cook will be performing in New York and it looks like it's going to be one awesome time when he does come this way.

When will Dane Cook be coming to New York?

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The Palace Theater in Albany recently put up a Facebook Post recently and it mentioned how Dane Cook will be coming to the theater on September 20th. Dane Cook will be there for his 'Fresh New Flavor' tour and it's safe to say we're all in for a ton of laughs when he makes his way into New York.

When will tickets for Dane Cook's 'Fresh New Flavor' tour be available?

According to the website, tickets will start going on sale this Friday (May 3rd) at 10:00am. Click here for more details on the show, Dane Cook tickets could be a perfect gift for someone so if you're interested I'd get them early because a big crowd is expected.

Where is The Palace Theater located in New York?

I'm still learning my around here...

The Palace Theater is located on 19 Clinton Avenue in Albany, New York.  If you take a look at some of the pictures from their Facebook, the theater looks beautiful and it has a historic feel to it while still bringing in modern entertainment. If it's not, you should add The Palace Theater to your bucket list of place to visit in New York.

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