If you've ever wanted to be in a movie or on a television show, this would be your opportunity! HBG Casting LLC is searching for paid actors for an upcoming television episode and/or a current feature film! The productions are being filmed in the Newburgh and Garrison areas. This casting call is for individuals 18 years and over only.

HBG Casting LLC Casts the Hudson Valley

HBG Casting LLC has worked with companies such as A24, New Line Cinema, Hallmark, Hulu and many more. They also have worked with and supported truly independent filmmakers. They genuinely care about the aesthetic of each scene, and they work hard to vet every actor. HBG prides themselves on paying attention to the film's budget, and they strive to make everyone feel supported and celebrated on set.

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To be considered for roles in the future, it would be wise to join the HBG Casting Database. They use AgencyPro, a free, private and searchable database that you can update anytime with photos and videos. HBG Casting does not charge you to be part of the database. To join, click the link here.

Paid Actors Needed in Putnam and Orange Counties

HBG Casting is looking for a variety of individuals to fill certain roles. Those include:

  • "Wall Street" types
  • Preppy Students
  • Baristas
  • Ladies who Lunch
  • A Photo Double that can do Push Ups
  • Stand Ins

To be considered click this link here and fill out the form. HBG Casting requests that you do not reach out directly at this time, please use this form. They are gathering information from and for the production team. Their goal is to present options and provide Hudson Valley actors with opportunities as quickly as possible. If you do not fit these roles, tons are coming up in 2024, so be on the look out!

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