There's apparently a way to order at a drive-thru that I never knew was necessary.

Like every other person on this planet, I don't get enough sleep. Shocker, I know. So I like to kick my morning into gear with an iced tea (extra ice and lemon, if we're getting specific). Recently, I frequented the Dunkin Donuts in my town for my regular caffeine fix one morning when I saw something I have never seen before.

Taylor Dickson
Taylor Dickson

As I sit in line for the drive-thru, barely staying awake, I see that a woman is ordering at the drive-thru as if she were at the ATM. You know, when you don't pull up close enough so you have to open the door? She literally had her door open to the drive-thru...the place where you just yell your order and don't touch any buttons.

Do people actually do this? I understand if your window won't go down, but what's the point of opening the door to order? Is there some secret to life I'm missing here?