I’ve been driving for longer than I care to admit, and over the years I’ve noticed this weird driving trend that may actually be exclusive to the Hudson Valley. It’s been around long enough that I know to watch out for it, but not so long that I don’t remember a time when nobody did it. And this weird trend can also be pretty dangerous.

I’m talking about the person on the opposite side of a red light that makes that left hand turn as soon as the light turns green. Right in front of you. I know that if I’m at a red light going straight and the guy across the street at that same red light is making a left, he might just make the left right in front of me. Just cutting me off as if it was his right to do it. It’s not, by the way.

In fact, I’ve visited a lot of people in other states and that illegal left hand cut-off is not a thing. Try that in Ohio and you’re going to have a smashed car. And it will be your fault. And did you ever see anyone try to pull that move in New York City? That would lead to pile-ups and disasters all over the city roads.

So why has it become such a common practice here in the Hudson Valley? Are we an area of impatient and aggressive drivers? Actually, I’m afraid the answer may be yes. But we had better be careful if we try that move in front of an out-of-towner who is not aware. It probably will not end well.

I never make the left hand turn in front of other cars and I don't even like it when another driver waves me to do so. I’ll wait my turn and use my own judgement, thank you. So, are you guilty of this dangerous driving move and have you seen it in other towns or states? If so, be careful and remember if it causes an accident, it’s your fault.

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