Just the other week it was supposingly ketchup, now what? We've heard about the various product shortages brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now one of America's favorite comfort foods might be in short order. Have you noticed that it may be a bit more difficult finding chicken wings? The shortage may have started back in February with the Super Bowl, and experts feel it's effects could last for a while.

One data analyst with supply chain firm ArrowStream says we could be seeing the lowest wing stocks since 2011. Some experts have estimated that Americans eat around a billion and a half chicken wings Super Bowl weekend alone. Now, with the pandemic increasing the demand for foods such as wings, that were made for easy takeout, the supply may be dropping even lower. According to the National Chicken council, servings of chicken wings in restaurants were up by 7 percent in 2020 versus 2019. Newsweek also reports that retail sales are way up as well over the past year. Grabbing some frozen wings from a supermarket is an easy to prepare dinner.

New York state has quite the rich history when it comes to chicken wings, so the demand will always be high during any given year. That includes many here in the Hudson Valley. who just may want to order takeout on a Friday night. They're reliable  and usually pretty cheap. Some may even resort to drastic measures. Anyone remember this father-son duo who reportedly stole over $41,000 worth of wings from a state restaurant years back?

Have you noticed less wings on some of the area menus lately? If not, have the prices increased?  Tell us your stories.

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