Footage of a UFO has recently been published, which shows the unknown object flying in front of a U.S Navy battleship before splashing down into the ocean. It makes me wonder if there could be an alien base hidden right here in the Hudson Valley.

The video which was recorded in 2019 and filmed by the USS Omaha Combat Information Center shows an object moving across the sky at various speeds. Eventually, the object splashed into the water, leading many to believe that UFOs are versatile, being used both in air and water.

So, if aliens are using waterways as some sort of hidden base or portal, there could be one right here in the Hudson Valley. If we had to pick an alien hub, we have to pick the Town of Pine Bush. In 2019, Pine Bush made an appearance on CBS for their "credible" UFO sighting. And, get this, they were featured because of an investigation in Orange County where witnesses claim to have seen a triangle of lights hovering over a lake.

Did you say a UFO was hovering over a lake? That totally fits my theory! According to credible sources, allegedly barrels were dumped from the craft into the water before the object disappeared.

While the UFO was seen hovering over the water, it very well could've come out of the lake and nobody noticed until it was in the sky. Imagine if it actually came out of the lake, and that's why there have been so many sightings in that area over the years. The Hudson Valley in my opinion could be a hub for aliens, or I've watched too many SYFY movies and television shows.

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