We wanted to find out if pumpkin pie really tastes better if you take all that extra time to make it from a fresh pumpkin.

Chef Kristin Egan from The Culinary Institute of America helped us investigate whether you can really make a better pumpkin pie than the one that comes out of a can. With the help of her students, Egan prepared us two identical pies for the ultimate pumpkin pie taste test.

One of the pies was made using pumpkin puree from the can and the other was made with fresh pumpkin that was roasted in an oven and carefully scooped out.

All of the other ingredients in the pies were identical. Egan used the same amount of spices and the exact same crust. This would insure that our taste test was based solely on the type of pumpkin used; either fresh or canned.

We were pretty surprised by how easy it was to tell the difference and even more surprised by which one we actually liked better.

What do you think? Have you ever had pumpkin pie made from fresh pumpkin? Did you like it better than canned pumpkin or was the canned pumpkin your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.