New York has a lot to offer as a state, but it can also be quite stressful at times.

Between the traffic and commutes, to the high cost of living, some may wonder if this is one of the most stressful places to live. A new study has put a lot of these factors into perspective, and compared how stressful it really is living in New York compared to other states in the country.

The Study

WalletHub did a survey comparing the states' stress levels across 41 key indicators. There were four key dimensions the indicators fell under 1) work-related stress, 2) money-related stress, 3) family-related Stress, 4) health and safety-related stress.

According to WalletHub, New York did better in certain categories versus others. for example, New York rated as one of the most stressed out states (3rd, overall) when it came to family-related stress levels. This would include separation and divorce levels, cost of childcare, and overall parental stress.

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However, New York performed much better in the health and safety-related category, as we ranked 44th.


How Stressed is New York? 

New York's overall rank was 20th for stress, which puts the state in the upper tier. It may surprise that some neighboring states such as Massachusetts are considered far less stressed, at least according to this particular study. According to WalletHub, Massachusetts was 46th, New Jersey 44th, Connecticut was 43rd, and Vermont 40th.

The study lists Mississippi as the country's most stressed state, and Minnesota as the least stressed.

Source: WalletHub

Is New York Actually a Good Place to Raise a Family? This Study May Surprise You

Is New York a good state to raise a family?

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A study has shed some light on where the best states to raise a family are, and it may sound almost contradictory to the previous study we listed.

The Study

WalletHub compared all 50 states for raising a family using five key dimensions; family fun, health and safety, education and child care, affordability, and socio-economics. Some may be a bit confused about how New York could have done so well in a category such as affordable housing.

Pornpimon Rodchua
Pornpimon Rodchua

According to WalletHub, we didn't. The study says New York ranked 48th for that particular metric But, as mentioned, there were a lot of other factors that went into this study.

Where Does New York Rank? 

According to WalletHub, Massachusetts ranked 1st overall, while Mississippi came in dead last. New York came in 3rd overall, while ranking 2nd when it came to family fun, and 8th for health and safety. Vermont was 5th, New Jersey was 7th, Connecticut 10th, and Pennsylvania 18th.

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