Sometimes when you're in a relationship you say things and your significant other chooses not to believe you. Well, guess what happened? Exactly what I said would happen.

Let me start by saying that I really have no control when it comes to eating cookies. I love them, what can I say. It doesn't matter if it Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Keebler, I love them all, and I don't feel sorry for it in the least bit. Where is this stemming from? Well, I went grocery shopping and on my list that I didn't write was cookies, so I got a package of cookies, and I also got a package of Pepperidge Farm's Milano cookies. Yeah, I know, they're awesome.

Once the kids were in bed, and my wife and I started relaxing and binge-watching, I pulled out the Milanos and told my wife to eat some because I was going to eat all of them, so she might as well get a few in before it was too late. As we relaxed, I got up and grabbed the empty bag of Milanos and my wife said "Did you eat them all?". To which I replied, "I said I was going to eat them all, so where is the confusion?" She was amazed that I had eaten them all, and to me, it's not that amazing.

For one, they're delicious, and two, I don't care if I get chubby, so it works out. What snack can you not resist if it's put in front of you? Leave your thoughts.

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