Take this job and shove it. While many employers across the country are pleading for extra hands on deck, what about the ones who actually are working? Many employees are left to cover multiple shifts, often working in deplorable conditions and for very poor pay. Have you seen some of the videos of these employees simply trying to ask customers for vaccine proof, or to mask up because their bosses told them so?

One Walmart employee had had enough and decided to announce their fond farewell over the store's loudspeakers for all to hear. They even posted their memorable resignation over social media for everyone to enjoy, though, of course, this may just hinder their future job search. See the video HERE.  

Attention Walmart shoppers and associates, my name is Beth from electronics. I’ve been working at Walmart for almost five years and I can say that everyone here is overworked and underpaid.

She goes on to question the attendance policy, while saying that she and other employees are mistreated by management and customers every day. She even says her bosses tell her and other workers that the can all be replaced if they don't like it. But she wasn't done. She goes all out and starts calling out the names of some of the management. Then, she ends it like this...

F*** management and f*** this job. I quit!

The video has since drawn thousands of comments and shares from users across social media, many of which could relate to her plight and the uphill battle many workers have faced. With new job claims being flat over the past month, current employees still face the harsh realties of their underappreciated jobs. And it doesn't appear it's getting any better any time soon.

Have you, or anyone you've known, faced something like this at work? you ever told a boss off and quit on the spot? Share your stories.

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