Toilet seat lids. Up or down? I think most of us can agree that the seat should definitely be down, although there may be a guy or two that disagrees with that. Anyway, the question is, do you keep the lid open or closed.

I actually grew up in a family that kept the lid open. I’m pretty sure I thought the lid was there just to turn the toilet into an actual chair. Oh, how times have changed. I am now, and have been for several years, a toilet lid closer. Why? Well, it started when I read that leaving the lid open was bad feng shui. According to the rules of feng shui, leaving the toilet lid up may flush away any benefits and good fortune you may have. What? I’m in no position to give up good fortune, that’s for sure. So down went the lid. And I have to tell you, I’ll never go back.

Not only is a closed lid good feng shui, it also looks better. Let’s face it, looking into a toilet bowl is not the prettiest sight. But a funny looking porcelain chair isn’t all that bad. It also seems cleaner and less germy, although it may not be. Seems is good enough for me. And if you happen to have dogs, especially big ones, your open lid might turn your toilet into a big water dish. Yuck.

So, are you a lid closer or do you keep it open? And why? Before I sign off, I want to leave you with some great toilet humor. Did you hear about the constipated composer? He was having trouble with his last movement. Your welcome.