Just when we all thought that the troubles of the pandemic were behind us, a Hudson Valley school district is canceling in-person classes due to an outbreak of cases.

The Hyde Park Central School district announced that all classes will be conducted virtually on Wednesday, May 11 and that they are currently figuring out a plan for the rest of the week. The closure is due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases among members of the transportation staff.

A message from the school district explains that classes have been canceled at all schools for the day.

Despite our efforts, we do not have enough transportation staff to open in-person instruction in our six schools, tomorrow, Wednesday, May 11, due to COVID-19 cases.

The district decided on Tuesday night to pivot to remote instruction after determining that they would not have enough staff to transport children on Wednesday. Principals were scrambling to get details about remote instruction to parents and teachers throughout the evening.


According to Hyde Park district officials, transportation is still being provided to students attending out-of-district schools including BOCES, CTI and UPK. Children will also still receive rides to AP exams and athletic events this week.

It's unclear if Hyde Park will be able to find replacements to transport students on Thursday and Friday. If not, the school will continue to conduct classes virtually.

While cases of COVID-19 have fallen from the heights of the pandemic, there has been a recent uptick in cases throughout Dutchess County. Experts say to expect more outbreaks throughout the spring and summer as vaccinations begin to wear off.

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