A large gas station, convenience store, liquor store and apartments are being proposed at one of the most congested lights in the Hudson Valley.

A plan has been presented to the Town of Wappinger Planning Board that would bring new business to the hamlet of Hughsonville. Gasland Petroleum, which already operates a huge portfolio of gas stations and convenience stores across the Hudson Valley, is seeking to consolidate five lots at the corner of Route 9D and New Hamburg Rd to build the new businesses.

The Sunoco would be located directly across New Hamburg Rd from the old pink barn that sells nesting dolls. Plans show entrances and exits from both Route 9D and New Hamburg Rd that would allow cars to enter and exit to both northbound and southbound traffic.

Town of Wappinger Planning Board
Town of Wappinger Planning Board

Response to the project includes concern over traffic patterns in the area and the potential to add more cars to the already congested intersection. Commuters who travel north on Route 9D during the afternoon rush hour can attest to the fact that traffic can back up quite a bit at the traffic light.

Gasland Petroleum has been making news for its commitment to taking old, rundown gas stations and convenience stores and completely transforming them into modern businesses. This project would be starting from scratch and creating a state-of-the-art convenience store from the ground up.

The proposed businesses would not only include a gas station and convenience store, but also a full-service liquor store. The 7,800-square-foot building would also include a second story that would house four one-bedroom rental units. The 1.8-acre site would be able to accommodate 32 parking spots.

Community feedback on the project is being solicited by the planning board.

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