Did I just dedicate 56 minutes of my time to listening to a Big Foot podcast on Youtube? The answer is a strong yes.

Every so often if you search the Hudson Valley on Youtube you'll come across videos of weird encounters with urban legends. Most of the time it has to do with UFOs, but sometimes we get lucky and come across a Big Foot sighting.

I can't not click on it.

I'll go ahead and say it: I believe in Big Foot. But I was under the impression that Big Foot was living it up in the Northwest.

However, Gale and Debbie from the Pine Plains area say it could very well be living in the Hudson Valley.

Gale recounts her Bigfoot encounter with William Jevning on Witness of the Unknown.In the late '60s Gale was camping alone by the Stissing Mountains. She recalls hearing what sounded like a "600 pound owl."

You can listen to Gale's full story below:

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I'm thinking of going on my own Bigfoot search.

Bonus Video: Bigfoot Discovered in the Hudson Valley