A 40-year-old Hudson Valley woman has finally found her biological father thanks to a DNA kit.

Jeanie Siciliano from Middletown was curious about her ancestry, so like many people, she decided to pick up a DNA kit to learn more about her biological makeup. What Siciliano didn't know was that the test would change her life forever.

New Jersey resident, John Gonsalves, never knew he had another daughter. The result of a high school romance, Siciliano was quickly adopted after birth. Gonsalves lived his life unaware that his girlfriend ever got pregnant.

When she was 19, Siciliano became curious about her parents and eventually tracked down her mother, who was a fair-skinned Irish woman. This led the Middletown resident to wonder more about her father and his nationality, but searches came up empty.

Long after giving up hope of ever finding her dad, the Middletown woman happened to pick up an Ancestry DNA kit. Little did she know that Gonsalves was also given a kit as a gift from his other daughter. Siciliano was flabbergasted when she received her results which included the name of her biological dad.

After receiving the news in June, the father and daughter decided it was time to finally meet in person. The emotional homecoming was recently captured by CBS 2 News.

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