A local youth baseball team has lots to celebrate after ending their race for the championship title.

The Poughkeepsie Lightning have been competing in the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth World Series in Branson, Missouri this week. But after playing four undefeated games, the young players finally met their match on Thursday night.

The Lightning took on the Mid-Atlantic champions who seemed to do no wrong throughout most of the game. Trailing 6-0 going into the last inning, Poughkeepsie played their hearts out in an effort to catch up. The team scored four runs, making it a two run game, but it just wasn't enough to battle their way back. In the end the Poughkeepsie Lightning just couldn't catch up Mid-Atlantic and the game ended 6-4.

Regardless of the outcome, the hometown heroes put in an amazing effort. Just making it to the World Series is an incredible feat, but to perform as well as they did is something to truly be proud of. The Poughkeepsie Lightning earned an impressive third place trophy out of all the teams competing from across the country, something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Mid-Atlantic will go on to play in the Championship game on Friday against Virginia.