Whenever the weather gets cooler, I always seem to crave a warm cup of tea. From black to hibiscus and flavored greens, it definitely makes a difference to have one of your favorite teas in handy during the cooler months. For some, coffee is their go-to instead.

A local tea company has opened a unique spot in the Hudson Valley. This tea house is located in Millerton, New York.

Have you ever heard of Harney & Sons? I drank their tea plenty of times and was shocked to learn that they have a location right in our area. I remember the first time I tried their tea, they had a CBD collection that I saw at a local shop and had to try it.

The Millerton Shop has a tasting bar and lounge which is located in a cute, little town that looks like it would be featured in a movie.

Their rustic tea room has a cozy feel to it. Their gift shop has take home teas with different blends and variety. There are soups and sandwiches available at this location to pair with your choice of tea. Currently, there aren't any tours or tastings going on. 

I recently saw their announcement about having zodiac style tea options. Their zodiac collection consists of every astrological sign. You can tell how much thought, time and energy they put into not only designing the bags but the entire collection. 

Each tea style represents the zodiac signs and it truly is a perfect match. I'm excited to try one of the styles and experience all of the superpowers behind it.

Find out more here.

Will you grab a bag of tea based on your zodiac sign? What is your sign? Let us know below.

Here are other tea spots to visit in the Hudson Valley.

Immune Schein Tea Haus, Saugerties

Charlotte Tea Room, Warwick

The Ridge Tea & Spice Shop, New Paltz

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