A Hudson Valley police department will no longer write tickets for some violations, giving the drivers up to $250 instead.

Imagine driving down the road and seeing police lights in your rearview mirror. As you pull over wondering what could possibly be the problem the officer approaches your window and tells you that your tail light is out. You'd probably expect to get a ticket and a fine and then have to shell out even more money to get that light repaired. Well, if you live in one Hudson Valley community, you're in for a big surprise.

One Hudson Valley police force says that they will no longer be writing tickets or imposing fines on some motorists who are violating the law. As the very first police department to launch the "Lights On!" program in New York state, officers in Saugerties are partnering with local repair shops to hand out repair vouchers instead of punishing drivers with cars in need of repair.

Don Samuels, the CEO and founder of Lights On! says the program is designed to build relationships between officers and the community.

Instead of punishing drivers for broken lights, we can fix the mechanical issue and mitigate what often becomes a downward spiral for community members in need. We are giving officers a new tool on their duty belt that creates a positive interaction, especially needed in these tense times

The vouchers are being given out thanks to grant money and a partnership with Sawyer Motors and Steyer's Hudson Valley Auto in Saugerties. Police will be replacing tickets with vouchers at "their own discretion." The repairs will be fully covered up to $250, but must be completed within 14 days of receiving the voucher or it will be voided.

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